TCDC Moves to Grand Postal Building

The Thailand Creative & Design Centre team (one of the leading authorities in the Creative District project) have already started to move out of their previous hub (The Emporium) and into the Grand Postal Building directly in the heart of Bang Rak. What does this mean for the residents of Bang Rak? Well, not much, yet.

After visiting TCDC’s last exhibition – before the move – and talking to the team members there, it seems that they do in fact have big plans for Bang Rak as a whole, but they are looking to start their operations more closer to home, at the Grand Postal Building. Plans have already been made for the renovation of the building and surrounding area. Their goal is to create a ‘Creative Space’ in hopes of drawing creative minds from other third parties to help change Bang Rak, as can be seen below.


The most important section of the plans are the ‘Co-working Spaces’. Since ‘Incubation Hubs for Creativity’ are considered a vital part of any Creative District, TCDC is hoping to turn their new hub into one.

Now before we go any further, many people may ask, why Bang Rak? According to TCDC, these are the key attributes to which a Creative District can be built upon.

Charoenkrung Creative District Key Attributes

  1. Trade
  2. Hotel & Related Industries
  3. Diversity
  4. Landmarks
  5. Innovation
  6. Basic Everyday Facilities
  7. Public & Recreational Facilities
  8. Sentiment
  9. Learning & Incubation Hubs for Creative Industry
  10. Connectivity
  11. Area Development Feasibility Study

Key Places

  • Trade
    • Old Customs House
    • Captain Bush Lane
    • The East Asiatic Company
    • The Hongkong & Shanghai Bank
    • Siam Commercial Bank
    • Portuguese Embassy
    • French Embassy
  • Hotel & Related Industries
    • The Mandarin Oriental Hotel
    • Trocadero Hotel
    • Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel
    • Shangri-La Hotel
    • O.P. Place
    • River City Shopping Complex
    • Home Industries
  • Diversity
    • Assumption Cathedral/College
    • Ban Au Mosque
    • Wat Muang Khae Mosque
    • Chiao Eng Biao Shrine
    • Wat Suan Phlu
    • Kalawar Church
  • Landmarks
    • Grand Postal Building
    • Prince Rama Theatre
    • “Bukruk” Street Art
  • Innovation
    • Street Lamp Posts
    • Electric Tram
    • Nai Lert’s Bus
    • Nai Lert’s Store & Ice Factory
  • Basic Everyday Facilities
    • Bang Rak Market
    • Robinson Department Store
    • Tung Hu Store
    • Whiteaway Laid Law Department Store
    • Udom Store
    • Bangkok Bazaar
    • The British Dispensary
    • Saha Medical
    • Lerdsin Hospital
  • Public & Recreational Facilities
    • Talad Noi
    • Bangkokian Museum
    • Bridge Cafe & Art Space
    • Soy Sauce Factory
  • Sentiment
    • Resident #1, Captain Bush Lane
    • Suwan Spice Shop
    • Mong Woh Chinese Herbal Drink Shop
    • Yan Wal Yun Shop
    • Trok Sung Stewed Pork Knuckle & Rice
    • S. Boonprakob Panich
  • Learning & Incubation Hubs for Creative Industry
    • Teck Heng Shop
    • TCDC
  • Connectivity
    • Chao Phraya River Piers
    • Charoenkrung Road
    • BTS Station
    • MRT Station
    • Si Rat Expressway
  • Area Development Feasibility Study
    • Reconnecting Local Alleyways
    • Signage for a Walkable District
    • The Green Pocket Landscape
    • Recreating Public Riverfront
    • Adaptive Reuse of Abandoned Shophouses

All places that fit the key attributes of what TCDC defines as a Creative District can be found in Bang Rak, which is why this district was chosen. However, the residents of Bang Rak that I have listened to are mostly indifferent to the change that is happening. Some even go as far as to say that they don’t want their homes to change. Now, this burden is TCDC’s next obstacle before they can move on with the project. Whether or not this was a good choice, only time will tell.


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