What is Creativity?

To better understand the main question, “Why Bang Rak?”, we have to understand what TCDC defines the word ‘Creative’ as.

Mr. Duangrit Bunnag is the Lead Architect and Designer for the Creative District Project. During a panel discussion, he was asked what the word ‘Creative’ means to him. In short, he defined the concept of creativity as taking something that was original, and ‘transforming’ or ‘changing’ it into something new, innovative, exciting, and beneficial.

This is most likely why the Bang Rak district was chosen, since it possesses a rich culture, diversity, and most importantly, many unchanged, originals, and antiquities. Yet, even though Bang Rak still retains these qualities, there is still a mixture of modern design that makes Bang Rak….. well…. Bang Rak.

Intentional & Operational

Another important concept discussed at the same meeting, was the idea of Intentional & Operational. What are these words defined as? Well, Intentional (TCDC) is basically the group of people who have good intentions to help change a certain something (in this case, it’s a district), while Operational is the group of people on the other end who decide whether or not the Intentional group succeed (in this case, the citizens of Bang Rak).

Without the help of Operational, Intentional will never succeed.

Without Intentional, Operational will never change.

We will be interviewing Mr. Duangrit sometime this month. More information will be provided in a future post.


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