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Purpose and Origin:

If you happen to be interested in the purpose and origin of our project, then you have come to the right place. However, be warned that this story is a long and complicated one that is constantly evolving. We will try my best to simplify…

There were originally more of us (us now being 4 kids and 5 parents). Each of us had different goals but were unified under one idea. That idea was making a place where home schooled kids could upload their content, interests and ideas for other to see. This place would be a website where they could share all that.

However, as time passed new opportunities arose, new interests emerged and eventually our large group separated into two. One group would focus on the problems involved with stray dogs and the other the would focus on the oral history of Bang Rak.

So that was how the Story of Bang Rak came to be…


Thanutruch Copeland Macy, A.K.A. T.C.M. is our informal group name made up by our three surnames put together.

So who are we now and what are we doing? Well everyone in our group has different ideas about that. So read on if you want to know what we all think.

“We are a group of kids under Roong Aroon [an alternative school in Thailand] who have come together to do this high school project, with parent support. We call ourselves TCM and we have decided to let our project be about the Bang Rak district because it has an interesting history. Our group goal is to learn about communities, societies and culture while also practicing teamwork. [My personal goal] is to learn about many things from doing this group project; to get knowledge, new experiences and to try to do new things that I’ve never done before.”

-Kritsikorn Thanutruch

“Who are we? We are a group of people who have opted to manage our own education in such a way that it follows who we are and what the kids are truly interested in and ready to learn. The kids in our group follow this concept while also learning necessary academic studies for their futures and having good relations with their families. Our group purpose is to let this project be a tool for the kids to work with others and learn everything that they are interested in. For them to open their eyes, hearts – to see the world around them more than they did before. So that they are ready to consider their different experiences and adapt them into their lives, while learning from their mistakes. As for my personal goal – in terms of my family – this project has affected our lesson plans quite a bit but we see this project as a learning opportunity. Whether that would be teamwork skills, gaining new knowledge, adapting to situations, accepting others personalities and Gail’s preparation for college. As for the project, I hope that by us doing this high school project Roong Aroon will allow future senior-high school kids in the program to continue home schooling with them.”  

-Kritsika Thanutruch

[We are] a group of home schoolers who strive to improve ourselves and the world around us. [Our goal is] to bring awareness to the change happening in our country, whether for good or bad. [My personal goal is] to become the idea of an active world citizen, striving to improve who I am by means of this project.”

-Tinn Macy

[Four kids] learning to become active world citizens. [My personal goal] is supporting you guys with whatever you need.”

-Raya Macy

We are a group of home schoolers who are doing a project related to P.B.L. [Problem Based Learning]. The project we are doing is about change in Bang Rak and whether the people want it or not. Our goal is to interview people about whether they want this change to happen or if they like Bang Rak the way it is. [My personal goal is] to try and learn as much as I can while ‘helping’ people.”

-Justin Copeland

“We are a tiny group of people trying to do our part to design creative forms of education. [Our goal is to try] to use ICT to let home school kids learn, work and share their knowledge. [My personal goal is] to see my kids learn with others and build upon necessary skills in a creative way.” 

-Jaruwan Ngamman

“We are a group of kids and adults who have come together under different purposes to study, work and contribute in ways that we can. My goal is to learn what I can, where I can, when I can about as much as I can.”

-Katherine Copeland

“We are a small group of families exploring alternative possibilities for senior high school education in Bangkok. We are working to develop a method by which distance learners can work together on a common project using communication technologies. [My personal goal is]  to see my children develop the necessary skills to live and work productively in the modern world.”

-Matthew Copeland

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